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Hi, I just updated my Lazy Loading script to also handle Style Sheets, so why not publish it to the public? I got the original script (written by: Bob Matsuoka) a while back from this Ajaxian article. It did not work 100% for my needs so  I did some changes:

First I created a callback function so that it adds the loaded script only after it's done (i.e. the callback)

Then I added support for lazy loading of stylesheet files.


How to use it:


var file = "myscript.js";
var callback = function(){
 alert("Done loading "+file);

LazyLoader.load(file, callback);


The code:


var LazyLoader = {}; //namespace
LazyLoader.timer = {};  // contains timers for scripts
LazyLoader.scripts = [];  // contains called script references
LazyLoader.load = function(url, callback) {
    // handle object or path
    var classname = null;
    var properties = null;

    var executeCallback = function() {

    //  try {
    // make sure we only load once
    if ($A(LazyLoader.scripts).indexOf(url) == -1) {
        // note that we loaded already
        var script;
        if (url.indexOf('.js') != -1) {
            script = document.createElement("script");
            script.src = url;
            script.type = "text/javascript";
        } else if (url.indexOf('.css') != -1) {
            script = new Element('link', { rel: 'stylesheet', media: 'screen', type: 'text/css', href: url });
        } else {
            alert('unsupported lazy loading');
        $$("head")[0].appendChild(script);  // add script tag to head element
        // was a callback requested

        if (callback) {
            // test for onreadystatechange to trigger callback
            script.onreadystatechange = function() {
                if (script.readyState == 'loaded' || script.readyState == 'complete') {
            // test for onload to trigger callback
            script.onload = function() {
            // safari doesn't support either onload or readystate, create a timer
            // only way to do this in safari
            if (Prototype.Browser.WebKit || Prototype.Browser.Opera) { // sniff

                new PeriodicalExecuter(function(pe) {
                    if (/loaded|complete/.test(document.readyState)) {
                        executeCallback(); // call the callback handler
                }, 1);

    } else {
        if (callback) {


 Please note that you need to reference the prototype.js framework for DOM lookups. The code above can easily be modified to use jQuery or another instead.


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