Camman18 Minecraft Server: How To Join

Camman18 Minecraft Server: How To Join

Minecraft world is large, rich, and full of opportunities to go on adventures and do creative things. Among the vast array of alternatives that fans have, the Camman18 Minecraft server – AKA CyborgMC – is perhaps considered one of those most preferred ones. This article introduces the peculiarities of the Camman18 server that helps gamers step-by-step to join and navigate its diverse options.

What is Camman18 Minecraft Server?

The server operating under the name of CyborgMC is one with Pixelmon and Earth Survival themes, just like the Camman18 Minecraft Server that used to operate. This server can be found at, where standard Minecraft meets Pixelmon – a mod that puts Pokémon characters into the Minecraft world! The server supports Pixelmon Reforged and its versions 1.16.5 and higher, inviting players to join it for an unparalleled gaming experience!

How To Join Camman18 Minecraft Server

To join the Camman18 server,

Launch Minecraft: Begin the game and choose “Multiplayer” from the main menu.

Add Server Details: Click on “Add Server” and enter the IP address of in “Server Address”. Confirm by clicking “Done.”

Join the Server: After you have completed listing the server and it is accessible, click on “Join Server” to begin your quest in CyborgMC.

What is the Purpose of a Minecraft Server?

CyborgMC is one of the Minecraft servers that improve game playing with its multiplayer mode. They provide a space where players can meet, compete and cooperate, making the Minecraft game richer. Servers can encompass different game variants, mini-games, and various events promoting community interaction and new friendships.

Running a Minecraft Server

A Minecraft server run on Java needs enough RAM and CPU power to keep as many players connected as possible. This technical setup provides for smooth gameplay and stable connection among all participants.

Server IP for Minecraft Servers

The server IP address is important for connecting to a Minecraft server. This is usually the IP address of a host’s PC, which players need to connect with the server. To host your own game, you should give away this IP to the other players so they can connect.

Are Minecraft Servers Free?

Yes, Minecraft servers such as CyborgMC are mostly free to play, and they have the possibility of in-game purchases, but it is not mandatory. This could encompass purchases of ranks, mystery boxes, or any other special features, but the core play experience is open to all without charge.

Permanence of Minecraft Servers

Minecraft servers often provide free hosting in perpetuity, so your gameplay and everything else you worked hard on are preserved for the rest of the time. Players can opt for enhanced subscriptions that provide additional features suitable to a more extended community without losing their accumulated data.


The Minecraft server – Camman18, now CyborgMC, offers gamers a mind-blowing chance to traverse new landscapes and have an exciting, fun time. So whether you are just a casual or competitive gamer, this server offers plenty of activities and experiences. Simply follow the steps to join and dive into the unique world of CyborgMC.

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