3 Easy Ways to Cancel a Nadine West Subscription

Easy Way to Cancel a Nadine West Subscription

While canceling subscriptions may sound quite complicated, it doesn’t have to be if you want to clear out your closet space or just trim the fat from your budget book, it’s important to know how to cancel a Nadine West subscription.

Nadine West provides a convenient online shopping and personal styling service, delivering directly to your door fashion that matches your style. But canceling is thankfully just as easy should you decide they are no longer for your subscription box. 

The following article will discuss the 3 easy ways you can use to cancel your Nadine West subscription.

What Is Nadine West’s Service

One clothing subscription service, Nadine West, aims to improve on this phenomenon. The idea is to receive a box of clothes for only a small amount; the fee can be waived if you buy what’s in the monthly supply. But you may have to pull the plug as your closet gets stuffed up.

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How to Swiftly Cancel Your Nadine West Subscription

1. Cancel Nadine West Subscription via Email

Send an Email: You must e-mail myoutfits@NadineWest.com to cancel the order.

Include Details: Add your account details and a clear request to terminate your subscription.

2. Cancel Nadine West Subscription Online From The Customer Portal

Visit the Website: Then log in to the Nadine West website.

Navigate to Profile: Go to your user profile, click on ‘My Profile,’ and then choose the option marked ‘Cancel Subscription.’

3. Cancel Nadine West On Call

Alternatively, if you would rather make cancellations over the phone, Nadine West’s customer service number is 512-766-9378. Inform the representative that you would like to close your account.

Potential Issues with Cancellation

Meanwhile, Nadine West only accepts cancellation if it is done immediately. If you sign up and then cancel, the $ 10 shipping fee will be deducted from your refund of one month’s monthly package. They deduct this fee no matter what you buy, so if nothing is bought, it’s lost. Ensure you cancel before the monthly package is sent out so your money will be recovered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Nadine West customer service?

You can contact Nadine West Customer Service at 512-766-9378 or through email at Support@NadineWest.com.

Can you pause Nadine West?

Yes, you can pause your Nadine West subscription for the time you want by talking to customer support.

What is the return policy for Nadine?

All the customers have to log their return through the Returns Portal within 14 days of delivery. When the return is recorded, customers have 14 days to send us back an item starting from that date. Once the 14 days are over, the label will expire and no return will be able to be processed or accepted.


It’s easy to cancel your Nadine West subscription–you can do it via email or on the website. But remember that the most important factor in cancellation is timing and smooth communication. They are listed above. By taking those steps, you will avoid headaches and be free to concentrate on the more important aspects of life.

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