How to Effectively Cancel Your UOB Credit Card: Detailed Guide

How to Effectively Cancel Your UOB Credit Card: Detailed Guide

If you are thinking of dropping your UOB credit card to tighten the purse strings, then you’re doing the right thing. The following guide will take you through the process step by step.

It’s easy to fall in love with the convenience of a credit card. It’s a financial device that is like a magic wand, through which you can spend up to the set limit. But the fact is, excessive credit card use can get out of hand very quickly-especially when your income remains static.

To cancel UOB Credit card, you can do so from the mobile app or call UOB Customer Service. To know the complete cancellation procedure, you can read the article below and cancel ASAP.

Benefits of Credit Card Cancellation

Cutting up a credit card, especially one with an annual fee that accrues charges even when the account is inactive, can be financially liberating. Doing so is a step to improving your credit rating and better management of finances. Fortunately, if you apply for a credit card again after an interval, the company will see you as someone new, and various benefits will be yours. This interval is six months for UOB credit card holders.

Here is a Step-by-Step Guide to Cancelling Your UOB Credit Card!

Cancel UOB Credit Card By Visiting The Nearest Bank Branch

The simplest way to terminate your UOB credit card is by visiting a neighborhood bank in person. Please bring your credit card and a valid ID. The bank staff will guide you through the cancellation process.

Cancel UOB Credit Card On Call

If going to a branch is inconvenient, you can choose cancellation by phone. UOB’s 24-hour hotline is accessible within Singapore at 1800 222 2121 or +65 6222 2121 (Overseas). Tell the customer service agent why you want to cancel your credit card.

Cancel UOB Credit Card Online

You can cancel UOB Credit card online by visiting the UOB mobile app. Follow these steps to cancel:

  1. Open the UOB Mighty mobile app and login to your account.
  2. Under the “Tabs” option, you will find the active UOB card/s.
  3. Select the card that you wish to cancel and click “Cancel Card” to complete the process.

Post-Cancellation Steps

After canceling your credit card, there are a few important actions you should take:

Destroy the Card: For security reasons, cut your credit card up into little pieces. If the bank asks for it, return the scraps; if not dump them safely.

Remove Linked Payment Methods: Erase Your Card from All Linked Payment Platforms, Including Mobile Wallets and Online Marketplaces.

Settle Outstanding Dues: Make sure to pay off any charges or fees on the account prior cancellation.

How To Cancel On UOB Mighty App?

UOB provides a digital cancellation option for tech-savvy users through the UOB Mighty app. Follow these steps:

  1. Use the UOB Mighty app to log in.
  2. Tap on ‘Accounts‘ and choose the credit or debit card you want to terminate.
  3. Select Cancel Card and then choose a reason for cancellation from the dropdown list.
  4. Click on the details and swipe right to confirm.
  5. Your card, once submitted, will be canceled, and you cannot use it. Please remember to pay off all outstanding bills.

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Regardless of whether a UOB credit card is canceled in-person, over the phone or through the UOB Mighty app, canceling a UOB credit card is actually as simple as that. It is an important step in improving financial management. After cancellation, you must pay any outstanding due balance and properly destroy the card in order to protect your finances.

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