How To Join Rust Server With IP

How To Join Rust Server With IP

Rust, the widely played multiplayer survival game has various options for servers where players can enjoy extra fun. In setting up your own server or joining an existing one, it is important to understand how effective connections can be made. The following guide explains the three main ways to connect a Rust server, helping you play comfortably and happily.

How To Join Rust Server With IP

Connect to Rust through the Server List

Locating and Joining a Server:

Open Rust and click “Play Game” from the options in the main menu.

Choose the server type: 0: Official, Community, Modded, and so on.

Go to the “Search servers..” option to find a specific server by name.

Choose the desired server and hit the Join Server button.

Tips for Server Selection:

Community and Modded servers offer player-driven experiences with custom rules and modifications.

Use the ‘Friends’ and ‘Favourited’ tabs to check out the servers of known communities or gameplay previously.

Install Rust through the In-Game Console

Connecting Through IP Address:

Open the console by pressing F1 in Launch Rust.

Enter the command client.connect <IP:50321}). Servers host the site so it can be viewed on any client using IP: port instead of

For servers hosted on your PC, use the client. Connect localhost: 28015.

Advantages of Console Connection:

Easy to tap into a server directly when the list while playing isn’t listing your preferred one.

Provides an instant solution for advanced players who know server IP addresses.

Join Rust through Steam’s Servers Option.

Adding Servers to Steam Favorites:

So open Steam Client and go to “View”>“Servers.”

Go to the “Favorites” tab in Steam Server Viewer and click on “Add server.”

Enter the server’s IP or address and bookmark it.

Open Rust, click “Play Game,” and in the tab under Favourite, join this server.

Benefits of Using Steam Servers

Steam Server Viewer lets you manage a favourite server for most games in one place.

Gives an easy method to monitor regularly accessed servers.


It is rather simple to join a Rust server through the available lists of servers in Game and Steam and from within its internal console. Each will suit different tastes, whether you want a shallow connection via the console or a more orderly way with Steam. Try these methods to see what works for you and take a plunge into the exciting multiplayer gaming world of Rust.

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