How to Unghost Someone in GTA 5: A Quick Guide

How to Unghost Someone in GTA 5: A Quick Guide

GTA 5 is another game that stands out because of its large and interactive universe. The feature known as ‘ ghosting’ occurs especially in GTA Online where players can briefly become ‘ghosts’, thus rendering themselves invisible to certain players.

This can act as a defense mechanism and an anti-griefing technique. However, sometimes you may wish to revert the ghosting effect. Luckily, here’s a simple process on how to unghost someone in GTA 5.

To Unghost someone in GTA 5, select the option ‘Inventory.’ Select the ‘Ghost Organization”. Leave Ghost Organization and select the Unghost Person option from the drop-down menu below.

Understanding Ghosting in GTA Online

There are also certain situations in which ghosting occurs, namely when there is constant aggression between two players.

It is a type of filter that prevents continuous targeting and persecution, so players become ‘ghosts’ to each other momentarily. This state lasts for a few minutes, in which they can’t hurt each other.

To Unghost someone in GTA 5, follow these steps:

Wait it Out: The easiest way is to wait. Ghosting is momentary and will disappear after a certain period, which generally ranges from several minutes.

Change Sessions: You can switch sessions if you do not wish to wait. Resetting the ghosting status will occur when leaving a current session and proceeding to join a new one.

Reboot the Game: Another quick solution could be to reboot the game completely. This can revitalize your status and eliminate the ghosting effect.

Avoid Conflict: With the same player, refrain from repetitive aggressive behavior to avoid ghosting.

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Using Ghosting to Your Advantage

Being ghosted or even ghosting another player may seem incredibly inconvenient, but there is something strategically beneficial in it. It allows you to get away from a dangerous place or gather your forces again and decide what strategy will be best for proceeding further without the immediate danger of revenge.


Unghosting in GTA 5 is largely a matter of time as the mechanics will reverse the effect after several minutes. By knowing how to unghost someone you can also use this feature for your benefit over the wide range of characters and constantly changing world present in GTA Online.

Remember, ghosting is a game-enhancing tool to help maintain balance and enjoyment so that everybody can play fairly.

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