What Is ACH COMN CAP APY F1 Charge On Credit Card?

It is easy to encounter some terms on your bank statement that are unfamiliar, like ACH-COMN-CAP -APY – F1. This article seeks to unveil the mystery behind this term so that you comprehend what it entails and how it impacts your financial dealings.

Credit Cards provide so many benefits. But beware of fraudulent activities related to credit cards. Do not share any information about your card with any unknown source.

ACH COMN CAP APY F1 Charge On Credit Card is a charge on the credit card balance that Comenity Capital Bank receives for the payment appointed to your auto bill.


ACH (Automated Clearing House): This is the electronic network for money transfers and electronic payments. It is a secure and effective method for banks to manage account transactions.

COMN (Comenity): In this abbreviation, Comenity Capital Bank refers to a considerable player in the retail and credit card market.

CAP (Capital): This is another mention of the Comenity Capital Bank.

APY (AutoPay): This refers to an automated payment system where regular transfers from your account take place.

F1: This code often corresponds to a particular store or credit card. In the case of Comenity Bank, it refers to the new Ulta credit card.

“ACH-COMN-CAP-APY F1” means an automatic payment made by using the ACH network to a credit card from Comenity Capital Bank concerning store or credit cards such as Ulta’s.

Comenity Capital Bank: A Closer Look

Comenity Capital Bank plays a significant role in the retail and credit card industry, although most people may not know that by name. It belongs to the Alliance Data family of companies specializing in store-branded credit cards and collaborating with leading retail brands.

Services and Role of Comenity Capital Bank

Credit Card Issuance: Comenity Bank is issuing branded credit cards for different retailers, which are accepted only in specific stores and online.

Customer Benefits: These cards provide some form of incentive such as discounts, reward points, or special financing that increases customer loyalty and encourages more visits to the store.

What Are Comenity Credit Card Codes?

Comenity employs special codes for individual credit cards. For instance, “VI” is Victoria’s Secret, VH for the old Ulta card, and “F1” is the new Ulta card. Knowing these codes enables you to identify where a charge originated from quickly.

What to Do If You Don’t Recognize a Charge?

Review Your Purchases: Try to recall your transactions over recent times to see if the charge could be associated with any.

Consult Other Cardholders: confirm that they recognize transactions if others use the card.

Contact the Merchant: Contact the merchant listed in the charge for more clarity.

Dispute the Charge: If the charge still seems unfamiliar, one should call or write to their bank or credit card issuer to dispute this.

The Importance of Contacting Your Bank or Credit Card Company:

When a charge cannot be recognized, it is important to contact your financial institution. They can look into your charge and take you through the grievance procedure. This is an important step, especially in case of a charge that arises from fraudulent activity.

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The “ACH COMN CAP APY F1” is very obscure sounding but it shows that the transaction has been made via an automatic payment associated with a Comenity Capital Bank credit card. To know what this term means and the role played by the bank in credit card services is to stay updated when it comes to your financial deals.

When you discover an unknown charge, recollect your purchases or talk with cardholders and ring the bank if needed. Stay well informed and vigilant to keep yourself financially healthy.

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