Where are Jeffrey Velthouse and Michael Walsh Now?

Where are Jeffrey Velthouse and Michael Walsh Now?

In March 1994, a strange event happened in Ottawa County, Michigan. This caught the attention of local people, and they all became very interested in it. Many people said they saw lights in the sky that couldn’t be explained. This led to lots of 911 phone calls and later checks by officials.

What played out on that particularly fateful night of March in Michigan? Whether we will ever know, who knows? Perhaps the most impactful characteristic of resident reports alongside National Weather Service radar evidence is their consistency, yet with the fact that these objects were unidentified, fast, bright, and moving erratically, there’s also little to go on.

Jeffrey Velthouse from the police and Michael Walsh, a journalist, were involved in this whole UFO Encounter. The question is where are Jeffrey Velthouse and Michael Walsh Now after that incident? Let’s find out the insights!

Night That Puzzled Michigan: Jeffrey Velthouse’s Encounter

On the night of March 8, 1994, Jeffrey Velthouse – a sergeant with Holland PD at that time – was sent to check out stories about weird lights in the sky.

Thinking it would be a normal phone call, Velthouse was not ready for what he saw next. He saw two bright lights changing colors from white to green in his story. One light disappeared suddenly. This seeing, agreed upon by many 911 calls, started a puzzle that still catches the interest of lots of people.

Michael Walsh’s Investigative Pursuit

As people heard about the event, Michael Walsh, a reporter for Muskegon Chronicle, got direct calls from those who saw it happen. Interested, he asked for the 911 calls from that night. The phone talks showed how people were scared and amazed at the same time.

This made Walsh want to know more about this story. His study took him to a talk between a 911 operator and Jack Bushong from the National Weather Service. This gave more proof for seeing strange things in the sky.

Where are Jeffrey Velthouse and Michael Walsh Now?

Jeffrey Velthouse and Michael Walsh are living a good life after that incident. Their careers saw a sudden boom after that incident in Michigan. Where they are now and what they are doing in their lives currently, here is everything we know through our sources so far.

Where Is Jeffrey Velthouse Today: A Career in Security

In February 2014, after working in the police for more than three years, Jeffrey Velthouse started a new job. Today, he is in charge of Holland Hospital Security Services.

He has been doing this job since May 2016. His experience on that strange night in 1994 is still a big part of his famous career.

Where Is Michael Walsh: From Journalism to Law

Michael Walsh changed from being a journalist to studying law. After doing well in the news business, he became a court lawyer focused on inheritance and family or crime issues. His strong career had him as the boss of a group of lawyers in Muskegon County.

He also got much praise from the journalism and law fields. Mr. Walsh now runs his own law office, using all the experience he’s gained to help those who need it.

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Long-Lasting Effects on the UFO Mystery

What happened in March 1994 highly affected both Jeffrey Velthouse and Michael Walsh. For Velthouse, it was a rare chance to see something mysterious.

This made him think that stories about UFOs could be true. However, Walsh sees the universe as big and puzzling. He thinks that people aren’t by themselves.

His interest in life from outer space is clear through his activities besides the court, including writing and taking photos.

The event in Ottawa County didn’t just scare people; it made them talk more about life on other planets and UFO sightings. Jeffrey Velthouse and Michael Walsh had different views on something interesting that keeps happening.

As they went on in their jobs, the memories of that night still make for an interesting part of their lives.


The lights were seen by people in Ottawa County, Michigan, in 1994 and the later look into it done by Jeffrey Velthouse and Michael Walsh are fascinating stories about UFO sightings. Today, both guys still affect their areas.

They have memories of a time that tested what they knew about the world with them. As people keep talking about life on other planets, their stories show that many things are still unknown.

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