Who is Vladimir Shmondenko, AKA Anatoly Powerlifter? The Crazy Cleaner!

Who is Vladimir Shmondenko, AKA Anatoly Powerlifter?

Vladimir Shmondenko, known by his pen name Anatoly Powerlifter, is a Ukrainian phenomenon on the weightlifting stage and YouTube. His videos are often viral by the name “The Crazy Cleaner“.

His video tutorial about squatting has made him an icon among fitness fans everywhere. His transformation from a resident of this Ukrainian hamlet to an internet sensation is the story of grit, ingenuity, and wit.

Want to know more about Vladimir Shmondenko, AKA Anatoly Powerlifter, his early life challenges, his net worth, and the story behind his pen name? Stick to the article till the last to know more about this personality!

Vladimir Shmondenko (Anatoly Powerlifter) Biography

Full nameVladimir Shmondenko
Weight78 kg (171 lbs)
Height181 cm (5’11)
Year of birth1999
ProfessionYouTuber, Powerlifter
Deadlift PR290 kg (639 lbs)
Squat PR210 kg (462 lbs)

Early Life and Humble Beginnings

Vladimir Shmondenko was born in 1999 on a cattle farm near the tiny Ukrainian village of Krishtopovka. He was three years old when his mother brought him to Ballymena. His youth was light years away from the digital world until his village got wired.

Only then did Vladimir come across American Bodybuilding videos, which sparked his interest in weightlifting.

Due to a lack of the traditional equipment necessary for a gym Vladimir ingeniously contrived his own. Using wood, bricks, and parts from Soviet-era tractors, he embodied an effective model for self-starters.

What is Anatoly Powerlifter’s real name?

The real name of Anatoly the Powerlifter is Vladimir Shmondenko. He is a Ukrainian YouTuber, a powerlifter, and also a bodybuilder.

In his prank videos, he uses the alter ego “Anatoly” to conceal his real name. He plays the role of Anatoly, a cleaner.

Vladimir Shmondenko’s Diet and Early Challenges

At 15, Vladimir began an intensive diet of seven daily meals (mostly cottage cheese and eggs). His unusual diet and belief in physical development made him stand out from the others. He was often made fun of at school as people saw him carrying around tubs of oatmeal.

Vladimir Shmondenko Rise to Fame

Vladimir’s perseverance in bodybuilding paid off. He began to get recognition for his efforts. He seriously took to weightlifting in 2016, marking the start of his road toward fame.

By 2018, Vladimir had become known as a rising star on the weightlifting scene after placing third in the Teen 18-19 division at the GPA (Global Power Auction) World Championships in Ukraine.

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Establishing a YouTube Presence

His charisma and sense of humor drove Vladimir to launch a Russian-language YouTube channel with 1.94 million subscribers. He mostly puts up content of him playing pranks in gyms.

While he usually hides his muscles under drab overalls, a harmless-looking cleaner or pensioner that would alarm onlookers if it suddenly came to light lifting heavy weights at ease.

Anatoly Powerlifter: The Alter Ego

Vladimir is the comic stage name of Anatoly Powerlifter, for which he uses one person to portray two: a seemingly frail cleaner or retiree and an athletic young powerlifter. His alter ego has become almost synonymous with his brand, punctuating Vladimir’s impressive physical feats by adding entertainment.

Vladimir Shmondenko’s Personal Life and Relationships

Moreover, many of his fans have been interested in Vladimir’s personal life, especially whether any new developments have occurred on the boyfriend’s side. His girlfriend Valeria is a lingerie model with over 1 million followers (wow!) on Instagram alone.

Valeria posts glimpses of their workouts, travel escapades in Dubai and Bali, and some insight into her plastic surgery path. Even though they don’t have children yet, the couple is living model lives of glamor and fitness. Who have two pet hamsters, adding a bit of quirkiness to their lives.

Vladimir Shmondenko Girlfriend

Vladimir Shmondenko Girlfriend

Vladimir Shmondenko is currently dating Valery Shirshova, known by the name Joeherrstedt on her social media profiles. The couple has been dating for two years now. Both of them are often seem working out together in YouTube Videos and social media.

Vladimir Shmondenko Net Worth and Earnings

The total value of his assets was around £1.45 million (RMB 930,688) at the end of 2023 and came mostly from YouTube revenue and sponsorships for fitness brands. His success story shows how digital platforms can elevate the talented to fame and fortune.

Vladimir Shmondenko Aka Anatoly Powerlifter Achievements

Vladimir holds a personal deadlift and squats record of 290kg and 210 kg, respectively. He is 5’11, 78kg.


Anatoly Powerlifter, aka Vladimir Shmondenko, is an example of how guts can produce amazing results. His story is very motivational for many young bodybuilders. Luck cannot beat hard work, and it requires a strong gut to choose the road less traveled.

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