Where Are Acali Experiment Members Now?

Acali Experiment

The Acali Experiment was celebrated in 1973 as the first social experiment conducted by Santiago Genovés, an anthropologist born in Spain but a natural citizen of Mexico. A motley crew went across an entire ocean into complete isolation and remained isolated for over 100 days to find out what happened, endearing it as human nature is connected. More than fifty decades have passed since then, and let’s examine the contemporary state of affairs with Acali Orders.

Acali Experiment-Where Are They Now?

Santiago Genovés (Deceased)

Santiago, the man whose brilliant idea to carry out this experiment, ended up at 89 years of age. Aside from his Acali contributions concerning humour as a possible human characteristic, he has contributed to broader implications of understanding how and why people behave in certain ways. This was through the Seville Statement on Violence published in 1986.

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José María Montero Pérez (Anthropologist)

José is one of the many former students now respected as an anthropologist as this 84-year-old man. Even today, his commitment to pursuing human aspects remains, which clearly demonstrates that he firmly holds onto his selected field of sub–specialization.

Servane Zanotti (Private Life)

After the experiment, Servane excelled in scuba diving and pollution research, and she seems to be living a calm life now back in France. The nature of her recent professional and personal life is unknown because nothing was provided on this matter.

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Charles Anthony (Uncertain Fate)

Most probably, the radio operator Charles Anthony of Greek Cypriot origins then found himself a family with whom he ultimately passed away. At the same time, despite no recent data and his absence from a 2018 documentary, it remains unclear how Barrea was tricked into escaping to Florida.

Rachida Mazani (Successful Life)

In contrast, pollution research conducted by Algerian librarian Rachida seems to have come out of the heavens with no damage. After that, she is now called Rachida Lièvre because she has a great life and family.

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Mary Gidley (Author)

Retraining and inspiring Navigator Mary Gidley, this former grandmother woman, became a bright star in an East German sky. She authored ‘Point to Point: It published the book ‘The Meanderings and Musings of My Life’ in 2019, continues to compete in swimming races, and organizes musical events besides having a passion for sailing boats along with tennis.

In Alaska, Fé learned to become an engineer/ IT specialist and raise a family. Now that she is retired, her life in Fairbanks is personal.

After the experiment, Maria returned to Sweden to serve as the Swedish captain. She is there; she remains calm and powerful; love embraces her in its warmth of tenderness.

Santiago’s research is based on the crucial doctor Edna, who resides in Germany. As for the life of this anesthetic and emergency doctor, she lives a private one with her family.

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Bernardo Bongo (Private Life)

Therefore, Angolan Catholic priest Bernardo has preserved a private personality, leading a dual secret life of mixing personal and professional history.

The first dark foreign film is Eisuke Yamaki, which also won an Oscar nomination even though younger viewers are expected to prefer fiercer violence and cruder humor.

Eisuke cameraman, a family man in Hachioji Tokyo, vividly recalls all the details of events pertaining to this experiment. His current professional career remains a mystery.


The Acali Experiment significantly influenced every man, affecting his life differently. Along the way, though, as time goes by, this remarkable social experiment also lives on.

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