Are Eden and Jayden Still Together After Married at First Sight Australia

Are Eden and Jayden Still Together

MAFS has been a cultural masterpiece in Australia since its introduction on 18 May 2015, and viewers have stuck to watching it. This reality show is based on the Danish TV format ‘Gift Ved Første Blik’ and involves a social experiment where strangers are introduced by relationship professionals.

While marriage is not legally valid because of formalities, the participants promise to study significant relationships and true love. Ten seasons of ‘Married at First Sight’ is about relationships born in strange situations.

Participants embark on an informal commitment ceremony, and viewers watch their journeys as they go through the challenges of finding a stranger that they were paired with. Among these pairs, Eden and Jayden caught so much hype as fans wonder, Are Eden and Jayden Still Together After the show Married at First Sight Australia? Let’s find out!

Are Eden and Jayden Still Together?

Season 11 of MAFS Australia had Jayden, a professional kickboxer and security guard matched with Eden, who had been single for three years. The couple first met on their wedding day and, right from the start, were happy with their pairing. This intrigued many of the fans wondering whether they were still together, and they sought answers through social media.

MAFS Eden and Jayden are still a couple. Jayden disclosed their marriage during an interview, indicating closeness to them on the Gold Coast with similar habits. Getting to Eden’s house in just three minutes is a sign of close friendship. Similarly, Eden was struck by the fact that although they were so alike, they never met before. They swore to be honest and responsible, noting that they were indissoluble.

Considering their common past and understanding, it seems extremely likely that Eden and Jayden are still together both beyond the “Married at First Sight Australia” show and in real life. The couples’ chemistry on the screen stirred up fans’ hopes of a true connection between them.

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Who Are Eden and Jayden of MAFS? Eden and Jayden Story

In this unique social experiment, the Season 11 MAFS Australia contestants Eden and Jayden were paired together. Jayden was a kickboxer and a security guard, while Eden, single for three years, met him on the day of their wedding. The couple’s first connection at the altar appeared positive, and both were happy with their partner.

Both Jane and Eden had been through heartbreak in previous relationships before this story began, giving their journeys another dimension. Their social media activity and on-screen chemistry made fans believe that there was a real deal between them that would not have broken after the series finale.

Finally, viewers of the series “Married at First Sight Australia” are eager to know more about Eden and Jayden’s relationship. The special experience has brought them closer, and signs point out that they have remained buddies long after the show. As fans still track their post-show path, Eden and Jayden’s story is another proof that love proves to be unpredictable in nonstandard circumstances.

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Where can I stream “Married at First Sight Australia”?

Married at First Sight Australia is available on Channel 9 on AIR.

Is the marriage valid in Married at First Sight Australia?

Under the legal provision, marriages in MAFS Australia are not legally binding; participants undergo an unofficial commitment ceremony.

Are other seasons of ‘Married at First Sight Australia’ available to watch?

Yes, Married at First Sight Australia has completed ten seasons, and all past seasons are available on the streaming platforms.

Is everyone in Married at First Sight Australia paired with someone to stay with?

In MAFS Australia, the outcomes are specific to a couple, and some stay together while others separate after the experience.

Is there any spin-off in the “Married at First Sight Australia” series?

MAFS Australia has become popular with viewers despite no direct spin-offs, triggering added content such as reunion specials and backstage interviews.

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