Argylle Ending Explained: Is Argylle Based In Kingsman Universe

Argylle Ending Explained: Is Argylle Based In the Kingsman Universe

There is no small number of questions and mysteries that Matthew Vaughn’s newest cinematic endeavour, Argylle, will have audiences pondering. From the identity of true Agent Argylle to possible links with Vaughn’s Kingsman franchise, this film is an espionage ride that features twists and turns along its course. After some clarification, a few things fall into place, In addition to post-credit teases. In this piece, we unlock the secret ending of Argylle and its links with the universe Kingsman.

Who Is The Real Agent Argylle?

The main mystery concerns Agent Argylle’s real identity. The trailer then sets us on spy novelist Elly Conway, who seems to be in a predicament as she tries frantically to finish her latest Argylle novel. The trailer has a seemingly real Agent Argylle before the clever concealment of that revelation.

But the reality is that Elly Conway herself is Agent Argylle. Prior to the occurrences of this film, she had been a renowned spy as Agent Rachel Kyle and then became an amnesic person after having intense injuries. The clever twist lies in her spy name, R Kyle, which may be pronounced as ‘Argylle’.

In addition, The Division, an evil agency, misled Elly into writing spy books based on her genuine past. The idea was for her to pinpoint where the file would prove disastrous for them as an organization.

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How Did Keira Survive?

In the final turn of events, EllyRachel and Aidan (Sam Rockwell) get their hands on an incriminating file and attempt to send it through fax, reaching Aiden’s boss, former CIA director Alfred Solomon, who has become a whistle-blower. Nevertheless, Ruth Catherine O’Hara, who pretends to be the mother of Elly, uses a music box and puts her in some kind of hypnosis, so now she is not acting as Rachel, but instead, she orders by means of killing Aidan transmits this file.

In the process of all this, The Division comes so close to winning, but Keira (Ariana DeBose), who is thought dead, resurfaces. She kills Ruth and, thus, destroys hypnotic control over them, which makes it possible for the transfer file. Keira discloses that she lived through a previous mission because of the heart wound Clytie shares, which resembles one from Elly’s books.

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In The King’s Man, the intrigue continues even with a post-credits scene in which we find ourselves inside an ordinary pub by this name. First, he introduced himself as a young man named Aubrey Argylle, who looks like the potential title of an adaptation movie after filming the novel series Oficio123. The name of the pub means a connection to Vaughn’s Kingsman films, which further triggers fans’ speculation about a crossover between two universes.

I’d also like to note that Matthew Vaughn has somewhat described a crossover earlier, speaking about Kingsman and Argylle as rival franchises which can meet in some way at last. The so far ridiculed movie about Aubrey Argylle seems to be that very bridge between the two and promises an engaging crossroad of spy tales.

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Therefore, as the universe expands into Kingsman and Argylle, they will undoubtedly be brought together for a single unique fabric of story woven with all their best spies. Watch this space for further announcements on the intersection of these exciting worlds.

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