Berserk Season 3: What Has Happened in 2024 So Far?

Berserk Season 3: What Has Happened in 2024 So Far?

Berserk Season 3 awaits anime fans, and excitement is in the air. This article will delve into the new updates, possibilities, changes, and everything you need to know about the further development of dark fantasy TV series.

Berserk: A Quick Overview

Berserk is a television adaptation of Kentaro Miura’s Manga based on the Golden Age Arc with an offshoot directed by Shin Itagaki. This dark fantasy anime has mesmerized viewers due to its gripping plot and interesting characters.

Berserk Season 3: The Anticipation

Unfortunately, official announcements remain lacking, so fans have resource data from the anime community.

Berserk: Synopsis

The dark fantasy Berserk is divided into several Berserk arcs throughout the series. The tale centers on the fight of the Band Hawk against Griffith, who abandons his followers to rise as god-like with hands. The characters Guts and Casca, entangled in a complicated connection, elevate the action and fantasy elements of the anime by animating it with their relationship.

Berserk Season 3: Ratings & Reviews

Before diving into Season 3, let’s gauge the show’s reception so far:

Crunchyroll: 3.9/5

IMDb List: 7.7/10

MyAnime List: 6.3/10

These scores are useful indicators of whether Berserk Season 2 is worth watching.

Berserk Season 3: Cast & Characters

The cast includes notable names, each bringing life to their respective characters:

Yuuko Miyamura as Casca

Toshiyuki Morikawa as Griffith

Nobutoshi Canna as Guts

Tesshou Genda as Adon Coborlwitz

Yuri Shiratori as Charlotte

Akira Ishida as Judeau

Berserk Season 3: Episode Review

A quick recap of the previous seasons:

Season 1: 2016–07-01 to 2016–9-15

Season 2: 1-12 Air Date: April 7, 2017 – June 23,

Berserk Season 3: Any Trailer Yet?

Currently, there’s no specific trailer for Berserk Season 3. The Season 2 trailer can guide fans on what they will see in the second instalment.

Berserk Season 3: Online Platforms!

For those eager to catch up or discover Berserk for the first time, here are the top online platforms:


Amazon Prime Video


Final Words

Up to this writing in 2024, Berserk Season 3 has yet to be released, and little information regarding its production is publicly available.

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