How Did Griselda Sons Die? What Happened to Her 4 Sons?

How Did Griselda Sons Die?

One of the hot episodes on Netflix nowadays is named “Griselda,” which dives from the beginning into the tumultuous life of Griselda Blanco, often known as “The Godmother of Cocaine.” The 6th episode miniseries presents a true story about how she made her way in the American drug trade business.

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The Fall of Griselda’s Family Because of Her Ambition

Motivated by the need to give her loved ones a better life, Griselda Blanco ventures into drug dealing that is fraught with the danger of death. Although her early intentions were based on taking care of her family, her actions ensured that everyone around her was doomed to fail over time. While Blanco accumulates riches, her sons, Dixon Trujillo Blanco, Uber Trujillo Blanco, Osvaldo Trujillo Blanco, and Michael Corleone Blanco, live lives of grandeur.

The series becomes dark when Blanco is caught and imprisoned so her enemies may undertake revenge on their children. Agent June Hawkins unveils a brutal fact to Blanco in the final episode—three of her sons have been mercilessly exterminated. A gunshot killed Dixon while he was walking to his car, Ozzy died in a crowded nightclub, and Uber met his doom after being shot in Colombia during a drug deal.

The Miami News Times feature confirms the heartbreaking plight of Blanco’s eldest sons-Dixon, Uber, and Osvaldo, all die on account of avenging behalf of Griselda. The gritty realism of the consequences that Blanco’s family will have to face for her being part of the drug trade is wonderfully captured by the series.

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Is Michael Alive?

In this calamity, one of Michael Corleone’s sons survives—Michael Corleone Blanco, Griselda’s youngest son. By 2019, Michael and his wife Marie became the stars of the VH1 reality television series “Cartel Crew”, where they tell the life stories of children of cartel leaders. Michael’s admitting to having survived two assassination attempts only served to accentuate the thrill that was already present in this gripping account.

The reality show, which ran for three seasons, highlighted Michael’s steadfastness in the period following his family’s collapse. Today, he runs the lifestyle brand “Pure Blanco” and, interestingly, is suing Netflix and the writers of Griselda because the story depicted in the miniseries is based on his mother’s life without his authority.

Michael’s lawyer, Benjamin Mordes, pointed to Netflix’s apparent use of ideas from interviews, writings and notes, which allegedly could have only come from Michael and his closest relatives.

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Aside from the thrilling narrative of a drug lord, “Griselda” also reveals the suffering inflicted on her family as collateral damage. The story of Blanco’s sons should remind us what may happen to a person who is deeply involved in the dangerous world of drugs. The series depicts not just the rise and fall of a criminal empire but also the consequences of tragedy left behind by such an entity, as there is only one surviving heir to it, Michael Corleone Blanco.

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