Is Chippendales’ Bradford Barton A Real Investor?

Is Chippendales' Bradford Barton A Real Investor?

As Hulu’s Welcome to Chippendales hits the screens, viewers embark on an exciting journey into the early history of one of the world’s oldest and most renowned exotic houses. In this cocktail of arrogance, romance, and feuding racist crimes displayed in this series, the character Bradford Barton- a businessman and girlfriend to choreographer Nick De Noia comes through. But the burning question remains: Is Bradford Barton a real investor?

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Is Bradford Barton a Real Person?

Bradford Barton, played on ‘Black Monday’ by the gifted Andrew Rannells, is portrayed as a three-dimensional gentleman who enjoys his life of wealth. On the other hand, it can be noted that Bradford Barton is a fictional character due to a lack of proof regarding his counterpart in real life.

In the historical setting of Chippendales, there is no visible sign pointing to an outside source financier in contrast with Bradford Barton. The feuds between Nick and Chippendale’s founder, Steve Banerjee, did not emerge, but the series apparently takes some creative liberties by incorporating Bradford as a major investor.

Chippendales’ Real History

According to the 2014 non-fiction book Deadly Dance: The circumstances under Nick De Noia’s Chase of New York were different from those evidenced in The Chippendales Murders, the prequel for the Hulu series. To smooth things out, he suggested to Steve a second Chippendales at the Magique Club in Manhattan. Magique was big, but that success created difficulties in earning recognition, certainly not the introduction of a rich investor such as Bradford Barton into it.

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Bradford’s Potential Real-Life Counterpart

It would have been someone who had a personal connection to Nich De Noia’s life. Will Mott is another contender, mentioned in one blog post only as a talent agent. Despite little information about Mott, the post implies a close relationship with Nick that is rivalling the one onscreen between Nick and Bradford.

Finally, another good quality of Nick was that Will Mott loved him — the post said. “I saw he did despite his saying so directly on only one occasion.”

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To conclude, the character of Bradford Barton from ‘Welcome to Chippendales’ seems like a rather out-of-the-blue creative addition for dramatic purposes. The true story of Chippendales was based on conflicts between Nick and Steve, but it did not have the main external investor character like Bradford. Though the series may take creative license, he can capture what it was like during Chippendales’ tumultuous early years.

As the audience still savours watching ‘Welcome to Chippendales’, it is necessary to acknowledge how much fact and fiction bolster its storyline. Bradford Barton may be a fictional character, but his presence adds dimensions to the narrative fabric of this spellbinding series.

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