Is Nala Stone Men A Real Tourist Spot in Australia?

Is Nala Stone Men A Real Tourist Spot in Australia?

Netflix’s Tourist is an engaging story of Jamie Dornan and their home in the dark backdrop of the Australian Outback. The show, a merger of mystery and comedy, introduces several settings, Nala Stone Men being among the most important products contributing to the protagonist’s way.

The Tourist: Nala Stone Men Is A Creation Of Fiction

While playing an integral role in the storyline, Nala Stone Men is entirely imaginary. In the world of ‘The Tourist’, various spaces are constructed to fit into the story, and Nala Stone Men is one of them. It shows it as a tourist attraction in the middle of nowhere, complete with a kind of Stonehenge arrangement, stones that look like giant figures.

Although Australia is dotted with dozens of real and interesting places, the Nala Stone Men was probably constructed by the creative team to suit the show’s peculiarities. It was difficult for the crew to film in the desolate openness of the Austrian Outback. For instance, when looking for a gas station in an isolated area, it was impossible to find one; therefore, one had to be invented based on the needs of the plotline. Along the same lines, it is possible to suggest that the Nala Stone Men may have been invented to bolster the show’s visual and narrational aspects.

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The Tourist: Filming Locations and Creation

‘The Tourist’ production was shot in the Australian wilderness, particularly on the Flinders Ranges. It is possible that the crew construed this area and created Nala Stone Men–a fake tourist spot–using its broad environs to fit the scene’s needs. More filming occurred in Port Augusta, Adelaide, Quorn and Peterborough. However, being close to these towns would have simplified the logistics behind constructing fictional scenes in a vast desert.

Stone figures similar to the Nala Stone Men have a real background in every part of Australia and are related to native people. Such structures, which have historical meanings from customs to astronomy, performed varied functions in local communities. However, the show does not seek to provide a historical background for the Stone Men. Still, it only uses them to influence the protagonist’s introspection into his past actions.

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In conclusion, Nala Stone Men in ‘The Tourist’ is narratively enacted to create mystery and add to the show’s mysteriousness. While real indigenous ones inspire the depicted structures, the portrayal itself is fictional, creating a mystery-filled environment of the Australian Outback.


Is Nala Stone Men a true tourist destination in Australia?

No, Nala Stone Men is a fictitious character invented for the television show The Tourist.

Why did the production team create imaginary places such as Nala Stone Menestia?

Due to the difficulties of filming in the isolated setting of the Australian Outback, composite geography was born out of necessity as a way to aid storytelling. Most of the show’s filming was done in the Flinders Ranges, particularly in Australia’s Outback.

Are real-life Stone Men of Nala-type structures in Australia?

Indeed, Nala Stone Men’s lookalikes are in place, and they are associated with the natives who used them for different cultural and astronomical reasons.

What is their significance in ‘The Tourist’?

Nala Stone Men is the location that takes an internal role in revealing details on what has taken place and actions carried out by our protagonist.

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