Joseph Anthony Ryan Jr | How Did Lori Vallow’s Ex-Husband Joseph “Joe” Ryan Die?

Joseph Anthony Ryan Jr

Netflix documentary ‘Sins of Our Mother’ reveals the heartrendingly terrifying life story of Lori Vallow Daybell, formally known as Lori Cox Ryan. One of the interesting aspects highlighted in this article pertains to the third husband’s life and mysterious death named Joseph “Joe” Anthony Ryan Jr. Here; much focus will be given to details surrounding Joe Rynan’s life, his rocky relationship with Lori and events that led him towards a premature grave.

Joseph’ Joe’ Anthony Ryan Jr. came into the life of Lori Vallow in the early 2000s after they got married in 2001. At first, their relationship appeared perfect as Joe adopted Lori’s son, Colby, and the couple had a daughter, Tylee, born in 2002. Nevertheless, the relationship turned sour quite fast after Lori and the kids were allegedly subjected to extreme abuse by Joe. They got divorced in 2005, after which a fierce battle for the custody of their daughter began.

Between the court cases, Lori’s brother Alex Cox attacked Joe in 2007, tasing him and holding his life over her head. However, despite all the adversities in history, Joe moved to Arizona only to be close to his daughter Tylee.

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What Killed Joseph “Joe” Ryan?

Joseph Ryan, also known as Joe, was found dead during a welfare check in his Phoenix apartment on April 3rd,2018. It was a neighbour who called in, regardless of the fact that he smelt something unusual thanks to Joe’s dog; the latter smelled weird and barked. Joe had decomposed to an advanced stage, which indicated that he could have died some days earlier. Heart attack was registered as a cause of death.

Lori was next of kin to Joe even after the estrangement between her and Lori. Oddly, Lori failed to notify any of the members of Joe’s family about his death. However, after his body lay unclaimed for nigh on five weeks, the authorities approached Joe’s family. However, Lori’s statements during a discussion in the religious group about how she would want to kill Joe kept his death shrouded in mystery.

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Investigation and Controversy

However, the fact that Lori later became implicated in the murder of her fourth husband, who was shot to death and her two minor children, one being Tylee, discovered buried in Joe’s fifth wife’s backyard, caused jokes about his demise. The Phoenix Police returned to revise the Joe case in 20202021, confirming that he died of a natural cause—a heart attack. Even though there was still lingering disbelief, the fact remained that the cause of death had been confirmed in investigations.

Sister to Joe, Annie Cushing, insists on a proper inquiry into the matter, implying that there may be some implicated interests in his death. Nonetheless, her attempts at appeals encountered setbacks and remain a mystery on how Joe Ryan died.

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The mysterious passing of Joseph Joe Ryan elevates the story of Lori Vallow to new playing fields. Although the official cause of death is natural, suspicions and Lori’s cursed remarks allow us to explore every aspect relevant to Joe’s fate. Even as investigations continue, the bizarre circumstances that surrounded Joe Ryan’s death stand out as one of the untold chapters in Lori Vallow’s haunting narrative life.

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