Seventeen Members’ Birthday, Age and Celebration

Seventeen Members Birthday

You might recall if you are a fan of K-pop the sensational 13-member group under PLEDIS Entertainment by the name Seventeen.

Starting from S.Coups to Dino, each member adds a specific taste to the group. In this, we have browsed through the birthdays of the Seventeen members, including today’s focus, along with a look into their ages.

Who’s your favorite character among all the Seventeen Members? Let’s have a look at these iconic Seventeen Members’s birthdays, ages, and other details.

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Seventeen Movie Members, Birthday and Age

1. S.Coups08/08/199528 years old
2. Jeonghan04/10/199528 years old
3. Joshua30/12/199528 years old
4. Jun10/06/199627 years old
5. Hoshi15/06/199627 years old
6. Wonwoo17/07/199627 years old
7. Woozi22/11/199627 years old
8. DK18/02/199726 years old
9. Mingyu06/04/199726 years old
10. The807/11/199726 years old
11. Seungkwan16/01/199826 years old
12. Vernon18/02/199825 years old
13. Dino11/02/199924 years old

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Seventeen Members’ Age

Currently, the members’ ages range between 24 and 28 years of age. Let’s briefly touch upon the role time played in their lives as phenomenal art experts.

S.Coups: 28 years

Jeonghan: 28 years

Joshua: 28 years

Jun: 27 years

Hoshi: 27 years

Wonwoo: 27 years

Woozi: 27 years

DK: 26 years

Mingyu: 26 years

The8: 26 years

Seungkwan: 26 years

Vernon: 25 years

Dino: 24 years

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Seventeen Members’ Birthdays 

1. S.Coups08/08/1995
2. Jeonghan04/10/1995
3. Joshua30/12/1995
4. Jun10/06/1996
5. Hoshi15/06/1996
6. Wonwoo17/07/1996
7. Woozi22/11/1996
8. DK18/02/1997
9. Mingyu06/04/1997
10. The807/11/1997
11. Seungkwan16/01/1998
12. Vernon18/02/1998
13. Dino11/02/1999

Now that fans are eagerly waiting for the birthdays of their favorite Seventeen members, all members’ birthdays do not fall under this month other than S.Coups, who is the charismatic leader. We impatiently wait for the next celebrations, but this is a great time to remember about Seventeen’s trip that we have made with them so far.

Please stay tuned as we continue to update this page with Seventeen members’ birthdays so that you will not miss a great opportunity to celebrate the birthdays of your favorite artists.

Seventeen remains popular around the world, and their birthdays are worthy occasions to celebrate the individual skills that each member has to offer to the group. To more years of amazing music, stunning performances, and wonderful birthday parties with Seventeen!

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