What Happened to Fiona in Shameless?

What Happened to Fiona in Shameless?

However, Showtime’s 11 seasons of Shameless are ultimately as popular even after the series ended in 2021. With all the crude humor, unhealthy levels of alcohol, and general madness that came with Shameless’s many seasons, one fond fixture has been Emmy Rossum’s Fiona Gallagher.

With her father, Frank (William H. Macy), Fiona was the protagonist throughout most of the show. Though this particular character was popular among many others, Rossum’s character, unfortunately, didn’t hold Shameless to the end, leaving the show permanently at the end of Season 9.

Why Fiona Leave Shameless? Emmy Rossum’s Shameless Fued

Never have things gone so swimmingly for Fiona at the start of Season 8 of Shameless. With the Gallagher family now grown (except for the youngest brother, Liam, played by Christian Isaiah), the pseudo-family matriarch seizes the chance and strikes to be on her own. In contrast, she lands a stable job in charge of Patsy’s Pies, enters a new love affair with another man, and is winning big in the real estate game.

All of this is done even by her getting out of the Gallagher family’s home on the town’s South Side and having her own apartment complex to live in and manage the affairs at the other gentrified end of the street. But just when it appears that maybe Fiona has finally escaped from the grim poverty cycle, everything is ablaze.

Fiona’s latest investment gets a buyer backing out, so unable to buy the place without his support. But she is unable to recover even the money she has already plowed into it. Financially going back to ground zero financial trouble, Fiona discovers that she has no other option but to sell off her apartment block and go back on her family name.

All the same, when she returns to her old place in life, Fiona takes up heavy drinking, creating herself in the image of the father she so hated. She lost her job at Patsy’s, did not pay her part of the bills, and had frequent brawls. She even chases the police. Indeed, very Frank-like of her. Even after her whole working life went down the drain, Fiona was not safe, and her relationship was about to be cut off.

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After tracking her boyfriend’s phone to an unknown house, Fiona is surprised: There was a secret wife and son too. Understandably, she’s shocked. This is the last breath for Fiona. She rushes out when drunk and crashes her car – the last piece of her image of a great and idolized life to be lost.

The only direction Fiona’s life can take now is up after hitting absolute rock bottom. Sharia (Jeremey Allen White), her brother in recovery, helps Fiona stay sober and join AA group meets. She takes up a job at a local convenience store, which is reminiscent of the character’s past when she used to work any job that would enable her to survive. Her luxurious life does not last long before it resurfaces when her old investment partner unexpectedly shows up at her place of work.

She tells him that the investor who had pulled out of the property deal earlier in a season has decided to buy the whole property and has agreed to let Fiona keep her payout – a hundred thousand dollars. With a new attitude toward life, Fiona realizes it is time to leave the South Side and start a new one of her own. With a heartfelt goodbye to all her family, even Frank, Fiona sets off, but not before one last maternal gift to the kids she raised: She spent half of her newly acquired wealth.

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Why Did Emmy Rosrum Leave Shameless?

During the eighth season of the show, production was plagued by several problems relating to the contracts of Shameless cast members. Although she contractually received equal billing alongside co-star William H. Macy, Rossum reported making less money than the latter. The request for a proper official presentation of the results varied along according to sources, and for instance, Variety stated that Rossum demanded not only the equal salary of Macy but also had to receive the increased wage to pay a penalty for several years with wrong payment.

Ross later posted the following tweet (now deleted): This is one of the highest honors of my career – I’m just so glad to stay with the Shameless family! Shameless Season 8 seems apparent from her statement, “Back to work in May!”

But this did not last for long, though. In 2018, after Seasons 8 and 9 appeared, Rossum made known that she was excusing Shameless and would not be part of any of the scenes. The following Facebook post is sensitive, and Rosemer Rossum noted that her departure is an opportunity to work on other projects.

Playing Fiona has been a blessing; there are few characters—male or female—as rich and complex as Fiona. Yet it is a woman’s tale, Pari, the proud mother lion, flawed even as she is fiercely free and without demure if, in the West, a sexual license has been earned.

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She is hurt and weak but never surrenders. She is among people who are suffering an economic depression, yet she does not want to be depressed. She is resourceful. She is loyal. She is brave. What made me know right away that I wanted to write it after reading the pilot script is that this one is different and special.

In her post, Rossum detailed the profound memories made on the Shameless set before somberly saying goodbye to the series: You will go on as without me for now. Many more Gallagher stories need to be related. I shall always be on the side of my family. Hopefully, you will not begin thinking of me as having disappeared but simply as having relocated further down the block.

What Other Roles Has Emmy Rossum Played After ‘Shameless’?

After leaving Shameless, Emmy Rossum has worked within the entertainment industry following her personal life. In 2019, she played alongside Liam Neeson in the film Cold Pursuit, which was her only film as an actress after leaving. As a guest star, Rossum appeared on an episode in the final season of Mr. Robot, the popular television series by Sam Esmail, Rossum’s husband. She also directed an episode of Animal Kingdom on TNT in 2017 and Modern Love episodes in 2019 for Amazon Prime. Once away from the screen, the actress has still left an impact: in February 2021, Rossum gave birth to her first child with Esmail, a daughter.

Rossum, therefore, has kept honing her talents on both sides of the camera, which was one of the merits that she had overruling her Hollywood counterparts. She has been credited with directing 2 episodes of her beloved Shameless: The three episodes that she has written include ‘I Am A Storm’ (Season 7, Episode 4) and ‘Frank’s Northern Shuttle Express’ (Season 8, Episode 8) and she has also demonstrated her capabilities as a producer. Michelle Ryan not only acts as Angelyne, but Rossum is also a starring actress and producer of the mini-series, namely Angelyne.

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Angelyne proves a great contrast to the dark-haired, loud-mouthed Fiona: The blonde bombshell who is surrounded by mic-drop fame and adoration ensures that she remains aloof and hard to reach Angelyne. Emmy Letempsn Assembling Het Emmy’s winning show received very high praise from both critics and audiences, making it well known that Rossum’s plan to further explore her career after the success of Shameless is indeed a reality.

Emilia Rossum is also the main part cast in The Crowded Room on AppleTV+, which stars Tom Holland. Elaborating on that point, this series gives a chance to admire her as that durable and disturbing character for whom she has earned her fame. Her acting as Candy Sullivan is more associated with mental health issues and social issues. But these themes were delved into ten times in Shameless, so we can think about the intense yet raw scenes that could come from the talented Rossum herself. Among Germany, Rossum pairs with Holland in The Crowded Room alongside stars such as Amanda Seyfried and Jason Isaacs.

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Shameless Cast Members Parted With Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum is not the only Shameless star who has worked on something after the series’ cancellation. Jeremy Allen White, who portrayed Lip in Shameless, currently works on The Bear, a critically acclaimed show about a Chicago sandwich restaurant where Carmy Berzatto assumes after his brother commits suicide. It is not renewed for the third season. James also returned to the big screen in The Iron Claw, featuring Zac Efron, James.

William H. Macy also continues his successful acting career by playing Richard Fuisz in The Dropout of Hulu. Shimal, another actor who starred in the American comedy series Shameless, where he played Jimmy Lishman, appeared in the sci-fi drama Another Life as one of its stars and will make an appearance in George Gatins, Reagan, an upcoming biopic of the former United States president as Ronald Reagan’s father opposite Dennis Quaid.

She very much followed her character’s path on the show in the reasons for leaving. Obviously, many fans and magazines tried to find some kind of scandal or bitter confrontation in the divorce; however, none of these is the whole truth.

Having frequently called Shameless her “family,” Rossum being pleased with the cast is not surprising. As much as Fiona has an uncharted but promising future career ahead of hers, Rossum does as well, and we cannot wait to see where she will go next.

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