What Happened To Paul Mitchell From Below Deck

What Happened To Paul Mitchell From Below Deck

Viewers who enjoyed season 4 of Bravo’s hit series Below Deck surely remember the “Paul Mitchell” hair model Trevor Walker, who made a big impression despite his relatively short time on the show. He is known for his hostile attitude and swift departure from the show; people often wonder about where he goes after leaving the luxury yacht Valor. Here, we uncover the unusual story of Trevor Walker and what followed his Below Deck reality trip.

Trevor’s Rocky Below Deck Journey

Trevor Walker’s first hurdle on Below Deck was his continuous disagreements with fellow deckhand Kelley Johnson. Captain Lee Rosbach quickly decided that Trevor had to go because he failed to assimilate well with the rest of the crew. Although called a “hair model” by Paul Mitchell, Trevor failed in the position and faced demotion after two seasons on Below Deck, making him known as the worst crew member ever.

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Post-Below Deck Ventures

After leaving Below Deck season 4, Trevor Walker took over the role of a bosun on a 151-foot yacht that sailed through the South Pacific. But since then, Trevor has kept a low profile on social media and cut ties with his Below Deck co-stars. The mystery of his present activities and whether he is still aspiring to be a hair model adds suspense to the aftermath of his stage performance.

Mysterious Persona

The mystery surrounding what happens to Trevor after Below Deck can be attributed in part to his scant social media activity and failure to communicate with the cast. The evasive character of his current ventures puts fans in uncharted territory regarding the professional and personal life he is chasing.

Forgotten Reality Star

With the changing shape of reality television, Trevor Walker is numbered among reality stars past their glory days. Even though he has some great moments on Below Deck, his mysterious character and the absence of news regarding his life make people think about where in their lives he went after filming.

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Finally, Trevor Walker’s departure from Below Deck season 4 corresponds to the end of a chaotic period on the luxury yacht Valor. His subsequent job as a bosun in the South Pacific did bring some intrigue, but his deliberate avoidance of social networks and reality TV is shrouding what he does nowadays into an enigma.

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