What Happened to Steve in Shameless | Why Did Steve Leave?

What Happened to Steve in Shameless

In the TV show Shameless, Steve Wilton, or Jimmy Lishman, as he was otherwise known, enjoyed a very stormy ride and eventually left the series. These traits applied to Steve’s relationship with Fiona Gallagher, played by Emmy Rossum, in both its intricacies and its toxicity. However, despite the profound link, the two figures encountered numerous difficulties on the path of the show.

Why Steve Leave Shameless? Did Steve Die in Shameless

However, fans were left disappointed when they found out that Steve would not be played by Justin Chatwin for Fiona’s send-off episode in season 9. But Steve’s story plotted a remarkable turnaround following his interesting return in a previous season.

But his return was short-lived, and he left again after only three more episodes. The departure felt final for Emmy Rossum, who portrayed Fiona, as she stated in an interview that the writing indicated Fiona’s understanding that Steve was not the man she was destined to be with.

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Justin Chatwin’s Perspective

Therefore, the chief, Justin Chatwin, admitted that despite the fact that the show’s art of writing was not so predictable, there might be twists in the future of any character. However, Justin Chatwin fiercely supported the relationship of Steve and Fiona, which he saw as a modern equivalent of true love — something like Romeo and Juliet. He believed that, although their hearts had proved to be flawed in their pasts, the fact of his broken heart and hers was one common to both of them.

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Creative Inspiration is Responsible for Steve’s Departure

Steve’s decision to leave the show was ultimately made by the show’s direction, the writers, and the choices made in the script. While some fans might have wanted something else, it seems that Steve’s story in Shameless ended with his final departure.

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Why Emerson Steve Leaves The Shameless?

Justin Chatwin’s character Steve Wilton, otherwise known as Jimmy Lishman, left the television program ‘Shameless’ for several reasons. Showtime Film’s directors made a choice in 2015 to leave Steve from the air, which was a huge bummer for the fans who loved to watch the complicated relationship between Steve and Fiona Gallagher, played by Emmy Rossum.

Does Steve Return Shameless?

This is the latest fact known: The departure of Steve Wilton, who is played by Justin Chatwin, does not bring him back to the television series Shameless. When Steve’s character significantly influenced the plotline, and he was featured multiple times during the series, his second exit had a final touch.

For Which Reason Did Jimmy leave Shameless?

He was also Steve Wilton; Jimmy left Shameless for various reasons. After all, his character was marred by deception and lies that culminated in breaking his relationship with Fiona Gallagher. First, he appeared as a hero when he attempted to prevent a robber out of Fiona’s purse, but then, he said that his name was Jimmy Lishman and that he made his fortune by stealing cars. A continuous dishonest behavior, however, caused indifference between him and Fiona, making their relationship volatile and impracticable.


In the final analysis, the fact that Steve left Shameless meant that the show’s fans had closed that chapter in their lives. For the wishes and expectations for a different future, the decisions of the show’s makers presented his character with his fate. The fact of his leaving made fans suffer and wonder how the couple’s relationship might have turned out despite the tempestuousness.

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