Where Are Fred Schultz and Dominic Gugliatto Now?

Where Are Fred Schultz and Dominic Gugliatto Now?

The Investigation Discovery reality show The Playboy Murders thrusts viewers into the difficult specifics of the Christine Schultz murder and the subsequent judicial process that dealt with the crime. Season 2, episode 3, titled ‘The Playboy Murders: The movie, ‘Run Bambi Run’ introduces them to two crucial characters, Dominic Gugliatto and Fred Schultz, who are confounding in Bembenek’s life that leaves many people pondering on their whereabouts.

Dominic Gugliatto At Peace With the Lord

Dominic Gugliatto’s entry was not a timely aftermath of the unfolding Christine Schultz case. The man was convicted in 1982 as Laurie Bembenek, and eight years after her imprisonment, he met her in prison while visiting his sister. This meeting resulted in a letter of romance, which made Gugliatto help Bembenek out of prison on July 15, 1990.

Although they were involved with each other, Gugliatto and Bembenek never got married. His life remained relatively private, but he shared his perspective in the book ‘You Never Have to Remember the Truth: In 2013, ‘The Nick Gugliatto Story. Dominic Gugliatto sadly died at peace at the age of 65, leaving grieving children and grandchildren.

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Fred Schultz is a Father of Two Children

The relationship of the case to the human, Elfred ‘Fred’ Schultz Jr, was complicated due to Christine Schultz not being the man’s wife any longer. From November 1980, Fred divorced Laurie Bembenek in January 1981 and developed to remarry Laurie Bembenek in November 1981. The first marriage was declared invalid because of the violation of the waiting period dictated by Wisconsin law.

After Laurie’s divorce petition during the case in 1983, Fred, who was one of the prime suspects in the case, was quite silent on the issue. Upon Christine’s death, the care of his two sons, Sean and Shannon, supposedly became his duty. Despite the airing of the case in public, Fred chose to live a quiet life and hardly talked about himself.

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Aftermath of the Case

The public remains interested in the case of Christine Schultz’s murder. Its association with Playboy and the lingering mysteries behind it continue to propel debates. However, many questions are yet to be answered, and this ensured that the mystery that has haunted people for decades lingered on.

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