Where Are ‘The Short Game’ Golfers Now?

The Short Game: Where Are The Golfers Now?

The series’ The Short Game’ chronicles the triumphs and difficulties of young athletes, focusing on seven- to eight–year–old golfers competing in the U.S Kids Golf World Championship. It is a stunning journey of a young athlete who finds it easy to face this challenge thanks to his tenacity, developed by Josh Greenbaum, the sports documentary. Despite the competitive nature of its tones, it is filled with youthful levity. Almost a decade after the release, fans are still waiting to find out the location of these players.

Amari Avery Continues With Her Golfing Glory

Amari, the young genius, was already in her career before she appeared in the documentary. She was on her way to glory after winning the junior world championship for six years. Many years down the line, the young athlete had exponentially accelerated her professional development manifold. She competed at Augusta National and served as head of the United States Team for Junior Solheim Cup, Captain.

Amari’s Personal Life

However, when she isn’t lost in her work, Amari enjoys time with her parents, Andre and Maria, who, according to the young woman herself, are responsible for their daughter’s achievements. She is one of four siblings, and now, coming into adulthood, she wants to experience everything life has in store for her. The 18-year-old Californian is nicknamed as the Tiger Woods of tomorrow. Of course, great things are awaiting the USC student.

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Jed Dy Overcoming Challenge to Enhance Athletic Potential

Although snatching first place from Amari, the Philippines national has still been improving on his athletic potential. Jed is on the autism spectrum, but he does not give up any challenges. He won the Low Amateur Honors and qualified for the South East Asian Games. Jed had even pledged to play at George Washington University, a tier 1 school that competes in the Atlantic 10 Conference with more than one hundred tournament winnings. In the fall of 2021, he graduated from International School Manila and has been looking forward to new opportunities since then.

Kournikova is Now Sustaining His Sports Throne

The other up-and-coming star who played a key role in the 2012 U. After that, the athlete has still been ruling as a talented sportsman. From 2011 to 2016, he won the U.S Kids Golf European Championship and became a three-time World Champion. A South Florida resident, the 18-year-old is a younger half-brother of ex-pro tennis player Anna Kournikova.

Allan’s Family Controversy

In 2010, a controversy emerged involving Allan’s family when he jumped out of the window on his second floor after his mother, Alla Kournikova, left him alone and went off to run some errands. The mother of the star was arrested on a third-degree felony charge related to child neglect.

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Zamokuhle “Zama” Nxasana is leading a private life

Operating out of Johannesburg, Zama was ranked eighth in the world when he played at the U.S Kids Golf World Championship. Although the 18-year-old is no longer around in front of the spotlight and prefers to stay mum about his personal life as well as professional nuances, it’s apparent that he continues to make progress elsewhere and enjoy sports.

Alexa Pano Family

At 18, Alexa isn’t just a teen golf sensation but a name to watch out for in golf. Although she did not attend college, she participated in the LPGA of Japan Tour event. The golfer resides in Florida and has gone on to compete at the Augusta National Drive, Chip, and Putt championships, as well as for Team USA Junior Ryder Cup. In addition, she has appeared in several U.S. Women’s Opens as an amateur player and won the U. Her favourite things to do besides practising her form are spending time with her family and friends.

Sky Sudberry is Pursuing Development and Prosperity At Texas A&M

Sky has been placed eighth in her category because of how small she is, but since then, she hasn’t lost sight and remains firmly on the path to growth. One year after committing to Texas A&M University, the golfer registered at the same university as a student.

Furthermore, the Woodlands athlete participated in the 2022 Texas Cup and U.S. Girls Junior Championship at Maryland. A travel enthusiast, Sky enjoys the company of her friends and loved ones while looking forward to adopting new adventures on campus.

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Beyond Golf, Augustin Valery Goes New Routes

Although his short height resulted in funny conversations shared with Zama as they developed a friendship, the youth golfer recently retired from public life. Even though Augustin is no longer chasing golf as an athlete in preparation, he has kept on being connected with the game by serving as a Trainee at the French Golf Federation. He is a 2021 graduate of École Diagonale, Paris; he currently studies law and political science at the University of Panthéon-Assas University in Paris. Moreover, Augustin is a Trading and Web3 Project Launch Advisor. Living in Paris, he still lives with his family and friends.

Yang Kuang’s Improving in Golf and Academics

Yang Kuang is a native of Shenzhen, China, who learned to enjoy golf after watching an instructional video when she was young. Since then, the 18-year-old has become the youngest player ever to be picked for the European Tour Event. Yang is the holder of the Volvo China Junior Match Play Championship trophy due to her countless victories. The golfer has agreed to go to the University of Maryland.

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From prodigious childhood to the edge of adulthood, these golfers from “The Short Game” are distinguished by unique individual journeys. Each confronted with different struggles, they remain to leave a stamp in the world of golf and beyond.


Are these golfers still playing in the pro tournaments?

Yes, some of them have maintained a career and even did something outstanding.

How did the documentary ‘The Short Game’ affect their lives?

The documentary became a bridge that opened the doors, recognition, and opportunities for these young people to get into golfing.

What difficulties did Jed Dy encounter because he is autistic?

Jed Dy accepted challenges, competing at a high level and even getting an offer to George Washington University.

Are there any controversies regarding Allan Kournikova’s family?

Yes, Allan’s family found themselves in controversy back when his mother was charged with child neglect in 2010.

How does the journey of golf affect these athletes’ personal lives?

The golfing path has impacted greatly, creating the character type and people’s life lessons.

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