Where is Dennis Potts Now? Tori Vienneau’s Killer Update

Where is Dennis Potts Now? Tori Vienneau’s Killer Update

During the embrace of a new chapter, Quinn Gray’s strength and resilience show up in her presence. Although she remarried in 2013, the marriage was brief. Quinn’s story is the epitome of the state where one finds oneself after living a hostile past, even when all odds are against it.

Tori Vienneau and her 10-month-old son Dean Springstube, murdered by Dennis Mickjal Potts in July of 2006, caused their headless body to be discovered. Tori’s murder was a result of the various complexities involved in their relationship, paternity issues, and web deception. This is what happens after the murders and where Dennis Potts currently lives.

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Legal Proceedings and Conviction

After the murder of Tori Vienneau, police investigators found Dennis Potts to be a prime suspect because he had known her and for his involvement in an alleged paternity lawsuit regarding Dean, Tori’s son. At first, Dennis pleaded no involvement in the murders, implying an alibi, and had not been near Tori’s apartment on that night.

However, the investigators found compelling evidence against Dennis. On the other hand, his assertions were refuted by decorated activities on suspicious Internet searches and deleted text messages/calls between Dennis and Tori; cell tower pings near Tori’s lived rendered him acquitted. What is more, the admission of helping Dennis tamper with paternity tests, his friend Maxwell Corn aggravated him.

In September 2009, Dennis Potts was convicted on two counts of murder for killing Tori Vienneau and her infant son, Dean Springstube. He was also found guilty of one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice. The legal process revealed a network of falsehoods and lies orchestrated by Dennis to escape paternity obligations and hide his sins.

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In November 2009, Dennis Potts got a harsh sentencing for his crime. Two consecutive life sentences without the right to parole for Tori and Dean were given by the court. Moreover, he was given a three-year prison term for the count of obstruction. These sentences shall be served consecutively.

The sentence was introduced to underline the seriousness of Dennis Potts’ actions and how they completely ruined the lives of his victims. He tried to cheat paternity tests and fool the police, and in the end, he committed murders. For this reason, there is no parole for his life inside a prison cell.

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Dennis Potts is currently incarcerated at the California State Prison in Corcoran, serving his sentence. This center is situated in Kings County, California, and it holds prisoners with different security levels. The remaining period of Dennis’s life in jail will expose the gravity nature by which he was sentenced.

Tori Vienneau, the second main victim of Potts’ case, and her boyfriend Dean Springstube were brutally murdered as an example to other victims.

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