Where Is Ex Somerset Director Mary Lund Now?

Where Is Ex Somerset Director Mary Lund Now

The documentary by Netflix, ‘Capturing the Killer Nurse’, presents a terror tale of Charles Cullen, who served in intensive critical care health for sixteen years under suspicion of killing many patients. The unfolding drama triggered by this accident would be greatly influenced by the then Director of Risk Management at Somerset Medical Center, Mary Lund. In this article, Mary Lund’s biography is described, as well as her role in the investigation and current location.

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Who is Mary Lund?

During the Charles Cullen saga, one Mary Lund held a very important position at Somerset Medical Center – Director of Risk Management. Mary Lund started conversations with the law enforcers when concerns were raised over Cullen’s possibility of being a serial killer in 2003 by pointing out unnatural deaths recorded within the hospital. She reported incidents to the Department of Health and conducted internal investigations through a closer examination of Cullen’s records regarding the withdrawal of medication.

But Mary Lund’s behaviour was scandalous, as described in the book The Good Nurse by Charles Graeber; reportedly, she interfered with an investigation, withholding essential information and giving false statements or affecting people under questioning. The outcome of the investigation was that Lund had an influence on outcomes. She played a role as a contact point.

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Where is Mary Lund Now?

However, Mary Lund also experienced various personal difficulties, though she was implicated in the case. The conflict of interests led to a great deal of pressure that was born out on this lady, who was a risk manager whose main purpose was protecting the hospital’s reputation yet owning a very strong moral obligation. Lund was noted to have lost weight and distressed emotionally as she went through a slow-motion nervous breakdown during the investigation.

Later, Mary Lund was recognized by the CEO and President of Somerset Medical Center for her management actions in response to this situation. Later on, she got a promotion and is now holding the position of Vice President for Quality Risk Services at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset, which is located in Somerville, New Jersey. Since Mary Lund dwelt in seclusion, her recent undertakings remained concealed.

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The place of Mary Lund in the Charles Cullen case remains controversial with respect to history at Somerset Medical Center. Lund is currently the Vice President of Quality and Risk Services, through which she was able to deal with a high-risk investigation. Diversity in the portrayal of her actions during the ordeal adds depth to an engaging story with which many are familiar—‘Capturing The Killer Nurse’.

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