Who Is Charlie in Hazbin Hotel | Who Plays Charlie’s Voice

Who Is Charlie in Hazbin Hotel | Who Plays Charlie's Voice

One of the most popular animated musical series that has rocked the world today is Hazbin Hotel, which enthralls people with its captivating plot and lively characters. For instance, one character that stands out is Charlie, the altruistic Crown Princess Charlotte, affectionately known as “Charlie.” The character from the series is voiced by Erika Henningsen and plays an essential role in the series, running the Hazbin Hotel to rehabilitate souls within Hell.

Charlie’s Past and Voice Actor Progression

Charlie Coco is the daughter of Lilith and Lucifer Morningstar, and not just a princess but the pioneer of Hazbin Hotel. First created in the webcomic series “ZooPhobia” by Vivienne Medrano during her school years at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, Charlie was born a mortal soul to inhabit the spiritual realm during the 1830s, before rising to become the self-proclaimed “den mother” to the “Misfit Demon Gang.

This character underwent considerable modifications in design and backstory before emerging as the charismatic Princess of Hell of Hazbin Hotel. Jill Harris plays the voice, and Elsie Lovelock gives the singing voice. Yet, when the series came off the air, Erika Henningsen stepped into her shoes and introduced a new flavor to the character.

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Charlie’s Evolution: Steampunk Den Mother to Aspirational Morningstar

The early stages of ZooPhobia depicted Charlie in a steampunk style, which is normalized as the den mother of a demon gang. This idea later evolved into the core cast members featuring the Hazbin Hotel Pilot, who showcases an improved version of Charlie, only with a red suitcoat rather than steampunk clothing.

Since the series developed, Charlie’s name was transformed into Morningstar, according to which lineage was. Vivienne Medrano noted that the design changes were by accident rather than plan due to the nature of changing artistic fashion. After completing the series, Medrano referred personally to Charlie, describing her as “plucky, determined, and energetic,” thus creating a charismatic character to be inspirational in a post-series interview.

In the thrilling story of ‘Hazbin Hotel,’ the beautiful but painful tale follows Crown Princess Charlotte Magne, or Charlie, and attains fame in the craziness of Hell. Having both Lucifer and Lilith as parents, Charlie is not only doomed to inherit the throne of Lucifer, but Charlie is also the central driving force of the Hazbin Hotel.

Relying on a single-mindedness that will not relent, Charlie sets out to prevent the annihilation of souls every year in hell. Being very naive and theatrical, she is filled with passion and holds hope for the new life of redemption for all sinners. Her ultimate end, therefore, is to gain entrance into heaven for these souls, fighting against the status quo of Hell.

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Charlie’s Personality and Journey

Charlie’s kindness comes to the forefront against the backdrop of the hellish scenery. Her favorite trait is her unshakable sense of good, and though she is their assistant, she treats them like her children. First seen as gullible and theatrical, Charlie’s drive displays a hopefulness that motivates the people around her.

During her drive to arrive at the positive change, Charlie faces challenges, but somehow, her belief in redemption persists. Her compassion spreads beyond human beings to other animals, children, and even her enemies. Dictated by her immaculate upbringing, Charlie struggles with a na├»ve notion of ‘good versus evil’ and is seen traveling hurdles as she attempts to bridge the void of her world and the sorrows of those whom she intends to heal.

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Voice Actor Switch and Availability of Platform

In the pilot, Jill Harris and Elsie Lovelock provided the voices of Charlie; however, with the series debut, they were replaced with Erika Henningsen. This transition exemplified the fast-changing nature of storytelling in animation.

Prime Video offers “Hazbin Hotel,” with Season 1 directed to eight episodes, available from January 19 to February 2 in 2024. Although A24’s platform is Prime Video, the first two episodes premiered on the YouTube store and A24 app. The opening two episodes were made available beforehand through pre-orders, and Prime Video operates under batch mode, revealing the first four episodes during the launch.

The development of Charlie Morningstar from her initial idea in ‘ZooPhobia’ to the main character in ‘Hazbin Hotel’ represents the impact and successful execution of Vivienne Medrano and talented voice actors. As the viewers immerse themselves in the depths of Hell and consider the experience with Charlie, the likelihood of the mayhem of pure goodness staying in the animation world does not diminish.

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