Why Choi Yun-Seul & Min Hyo-Gi Break Up

Why Choi Yun-Seul & Min Hyo-Gi Break Up

Reality TV programs are often a very personal window into the world of relationships, and this is yet another glimpse in that direction offered by the second season ‘Change Days. Of all the couples in focus, Min Hyo-gi and Choi Yun-seul faced obstacles that eventually broke up. Now, we will examine the grounds for their split.

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Min Hyo-gi and Choi Yun-seul: A Troubled Relationship

Min Hyo-gi, one of the famous actors involved in both Color Rush and Color Rush 2, met Choi Yun-seul, who was studying at university when they were having a party. When they entered the second season of ‘Change Days’, their relationship had survived over two years. Although there was an introductory stage of sweetness, the couple realized that their connection had lost its synchronization and thus caused the discord.

Their relationship was characterized by numerous breakups and reunifications of more than thirty. Even with the conflicts, an unbreakable link kept reuniting them. Nevertheless, they revealed intentions to look for old or new relationships with other participants by going into this reality series.

Public Criticism and Negative Dynamics

One of the episodes aired during this season showed Min Hyo-gi’s disrespectful attitude towards Choi Yun-seul, as he publicly rebuked her in front of other competitors. This event drew heavy criticism from both the viewers and participants. Min Hyo-gi eventually admitted that his behaviour was inconsistent. The developments that were exhibited by the negative dynamics pointed to Choi Yun-seul distancing herself from a relationship.

A Reflective Decision

Finally, to counteract the recurrent issues in their relationship, Min Hyo-gi and Choi Yun-seul went on a date toward the end of the season. During their reflection, they recognized a pattern of endless quarrels as the source that kept them going around in circles without listening to one another. However, they both spoke about being tired and understanding development while identifying the shifting needs that were unmet. Acknowledging their changing uniquenesses, they consented to go individual routes.

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Leading Private Lives Now

Min Hyo-gi and Choi Yun-seul, the only season couples who did not continue their relationship, have been supported by many fans. Since the split, both individuals remain low-key. Min Hyo-gi, still working as an actor, is famous for his love towards animals. Even though the details of their personal lives are kept secret, one can only wish that Min Hyo-gi and Choi Yun-seul truly found satisfaction in succeeding.


However, in reality TV, where relationships are quickly destroyed under public judgment, Min Hyo-gi and Choi Yunseul decided to split up, for their individual growth is more important even if they stop shining.

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