Will There Be Enola Holmes 3 | Everything We Know

Will There Be Enola Holmes 3

There is good news for the younger enthusiasts of sleuth as “Enola Holmes 3” has been confirmed to begin production and further establish their entry into this exciting universe. Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming instalment: The researchers, however, are collecting data on the impacts of war and their focus primarily on those aspects connected with concrete geometric objects.

Enola Holmes Story

The mystery novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle that highlighted the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson have significantly contributed to shaping this genre as well as storytelling, in general, at large. Over time, several adaptations of the Sherlock Holmes franchise occurred in movies, television, and video games, implying that even such various forms did not diminish its interest in people.

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Enola Holmes Series:

Netflix joined the Sherlock Holmes universe through the Enola Holmes movie series, which follows Enola as the sister of a notable detective (Sherlock) played by Millie Bobbie Brown. The first film also follows Enola as she goes out in search of her missing mother, Eudoria Holmes, on a journey filled with thrills and adventure that are part of displaying detective skills. The subsequent film turns deeper into Enola’s detective activities and presents a slightly different image of the legendary villain, Professor Moriarty.

Enola Holmes 3 Release Date:

So far, “Enola Holmes 3” is in the preliminary stage of development and without a final release date. News about what is going to happen in the story of Enola has many people waiting for it.

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Streaming Platform:

Like its predecessors, “Enola Holmes 3” will once again be available for streaming only on Netflix, offering viewers the next instalment of the story featuring members of the Holmes family.


Due to the fact that “Enola Holmes 3” is at its beginning stages currently, there are not any trailer for it available. Fans look forward to brief glimpses of Enola and her companions’ new riddle.


In the upcoming third instalment of Enola Holmes, most central cast members are likely to reprise their roles from previous episodes. Millie Bobbie Brown will once again portray its title character alongside Henry Cavil in his role as Sherlock Holmes — Himesh Patel will return Dr John Watson while Helena Bonham Carter makes a comeback for Eudoria Minus.

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Enola Holmes 3 Plot Details:

The plot details of “Enola Holmes 3” are carefully hidden, but as we know from the previous movie, there will be another mystery for Enola to solve that may reveal a little bit more about her family’s past and present enemies.

Production Crew:

The names of writers and directors have not been made public by the creative team for Enola Holmes 3. Nevertheless, there is also an opportunity for Jack Thorne and Harry Bradbeer, who contributed to the success of other films, to come back to direct the next episode.

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Conclusion & Status

At this point, the “Enola Holmes 3” is in the pre-production stage as its script is written off. Also, while the specifics of filming remain undetermined for now, this project is getting into production steps, which are positive signs about Enola’s next adventure.

Looking forward to find out what else is in store for them, they can stream the first two episodes of “Enola Holmes” on Netflix and dive into world inhabited by great detective’s family.

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