Does Laced Sell Fake Shoes? Is Laced Legit


Laced, the online sneaker marketplace founded by Chris Gibbons in 2018, is very well-known to sneaker enthusiasts worldwide. With over five years of service, Laced is where people rush for the latest sneaker releases. In this article, we delve into the burning question: Are Laced counterfeit shoes, and is laced an authorized market?

Background of Laced

Established in 2018 by Chris Gibbons, Laced has become the home of sneakerheads looking for rare drops. Throughout the years, it has developed a significant presence as an online sneaker marketplace, bringing together many buyers and sellers in this constantly thriving world of shoe culture.

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Is Laced Legit or Scam?

Defying doubts about trustworthy online marketplaces, Laced is a very reputable reseller site. This part delves into the security aspects, such as scam detection, a team of reliable legit-checkers, and a large number of users who attest to its credibility.

Benefits of Using Laced

For Buyers and Sellers

Detect the benefits of interacting with Laced- from buyer protection guarantee to a full refund in case of transaction issues to a huge stage for sellers selling shoes. Laced is one step further, providing contests in addition to the promo codes that are advantageous for sneakerheads.

Trustpilot Score for Laced

A glance at Laced’s Trustpilot rating of 4.3/5 reveals what the users feel about the product. Though most reviews are positive, we analyze some critical aspects of the negative comments concerning returns that shed light on how well-satisfied customers were.

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How to Buy on Laced

Laced’s simple process of buying and acquiring the sneakers through a step-by-step guide to the buyers. From currency aspects to the buyer’s journey, we present what customers experience when purchasing from

How to Sell on Laced

Future sellers will be given directions on how to create a Laced account, list items for sale, make price estimates, and provide immediate information. The article stresses the relevance of keeping the deadlines for an honest selling environment.

Laced’s Fees and Regulations

Turning to the finances, we consider Laced’s fees, which include a 12% commission and a 3% processing payment fee. At the time of listing, sellers are provided with relevant information regarding fee distribution to enhance the clarity of transactions.


We wrap up the article and confirm Laced’s legitimacy as a trustworthy channel for sneaker lovers. Although the mentioned safety features, competitive characteristics, and user-friendly interface can be helpful to both buyers and sellers.

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FAQs – Unraveling Common Queries

Does Laced provide a very secure platform for purchasing sneakers?

First, Laced guarantees its safety through a dedicated scam detection and also a legit-checking team to ensure the security of transactions.

How much time does it take to receive a bought item from Laced?

The average waiting time is 6 working days, but delays of up to two weeks may also happen.

Laced lets me cancel a purchase after I have sold my sneakers.

No, as once a sale is completed, there isn’t any opportunity to cancel the order, which helps Laced in building up trust.

How does Laced accept payments?

Currently, Laced only takes credit and debit cards; PayPal or Apple Wallet cannot be used.

When can I start selling on Laced?

Sellers should be 18 years and over; failing to adhere may lead to the suspension of the account.

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