Joe Rogan Podcast Not Working on Spotify Fix

Joe Rogan Podcast Not Working on Spotify Fix

Okay, folks, let’s get down to why you might need to scratch your head as for what happened with Joe Rogan and his legendary podcast that used not to show up on Spotify. So, what’s the deal?

Spotify Woes: Why Joe Rogan Podcast Not Working on Spotify?

Here’s the scoop: Joe Rogan’s podcast was an exclusive show on the Spotify platform, but things have been falling apart recently. Since it became exclusive, the audience statistics saw better days of being up and down slightly, like a ride on a not-so-much thrilling coaster.

Quite Stan, Spotify spent a heap on locking up Joe Rogan, believing it would be the big break. However, it turns out that people were not happy after finding themselves forced to use other platforms just so they could binge their favourite episodes. It is not just Joe Rogan; other podcasts suffered the same fate as Grace Helbig and Hannibal Burris when they went exclusive to Spotify.

To this end, Spotify has caused a storm in the news with high-profile payouts featuring frontrunners like Barack and Michelle Obama and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Not cheers but side glances and brow raises from the podcasting world.

So, the bottom line is that the exclusive strategy developed by Spotify is failing to materialize as they had expected. It has boomeranged on them, confusing their heads and forcing them to rethink the way of game playing.

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Why Did Spotify Not Playing Joe Rogan’s Podcast?

Therefore, what motivated Spotify to switch Joe Rogan’s exclusivity off?Money talks, my friends. Spotify saw that this approach wasn’t the money maker they thought it was.

They added the numbers and found out why exclusive offers were not adding bulk as was expected. First, they were losing part of the share among listeners who wouldn’t change platforms just for the sake of listening.

So, what’s the solution? Let go of the gates, little one! To help grow its reach and attract more advertising dollars, Spotify aims to make Joe Rogan’s podcast accessible on other platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, and YouTube.

It is a switch from their previous approach that has nothing to do with exclusion but inclusivity. With Spotify spreading its content on different platforms, it seems that it now has more eyeballs and, of course, more advertisers looking to reach Rogan’s huge fan base.

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What To Do: Joe Rogan Podcast Not Working on Spotify?

Okay, you are longing to listen to Joe Rogan’s latest chatter, but Spotify is causing an avalanche of problems. Don’t sweat it! You’ve got options.

The picking is yours now that Joe Rogan’s podcast no longer needs to play hard to get and you can access it on other channels. Crank up Apple Podcasts or Amazon Music or move your way to YouTube, and Joe Rogan will greet you with his inimitable golden voice.

No reason to muss about Spotify malfunctions or bumps. As Joe Rogan’s podcast continues to fly new feathers, you can be sure that no part of his discussion will go without your knowledge.

Therefore, if you get stuck with Spotify next time around, do not panic. Then simply change your lane and continue your journey with Joe Rogan.Easy-peasy, right?

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